The Best Way To Help Your Jealous Partner

Jealousy is something that most people deal with in their romantic relationship or amongst friends and family at various points in their life. It’s an emotion that happens both equally in men and women irrespective of gender. It can be a deeply painful emotion that can cause a lot of damage personally and also to a relationship. A spiral of jealousy can lead to arguments and over time cause a couple to break up. It’s very important that we learn strategies to deal with jealousy within a relationship both to help our own jealousy, and also to help our partners to cope with their own jealousy too.

Jealousy tends to happen more frequently amongst people who are anxious and have an anxious attachment style. In general, the more anxious your partner is the more likely they are to experience high levels of jealousy, and will need more attention to help comfort them.

According to a 2017 research paper on the subject, the most effective way to calm a jealous partner is usually by using affectionate touch. They found that this strategy is at its most effective when used with an anxious partner who has an anxious attachment style. The more anxious your partner the more effective affectionate touch will help to calm them as well as help reduce their jealousy.

The next time your partner is jealous and upset, take the time to hold them; to hug them, to hold hands. This simple gesture of love and reassurance will go a long way to reducing their jealousy and painful feelings.

Takeaway: Use touch with your partner when they are jealous, especially if they are an anxious person.

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